Not so Different

Melvin, 18 Jahre, Niederösterreich.Melvin wird einen interaktiven Workshop zu Diversität und Respekt entwickeln und diesen bei 5 internationalen Camps mit Jugendlichen durchführen.

The first workshop took place near St. Pölten Lower Austria took place on July 2017 was successful. It was short workshop with only 6 participants in this workshop. Since it was my first experience with a workshop stress and nervousness came along. We had a talk with the participants about the importance of accepting diversity about respecting differences in culture, religion, and opinions.The second workshop took place in Vienna on August 2017. The point of the workshop was that even we come from different backgrounds different countries and even different continents we are not so different and that in this diversity in this mixed salad of nationalities we can always find something that will pull us together. Although we are different in the end we actually are not so different.